Multiplier event: Pisa, 28 June 2022

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Collection Day

In addition to the conference programme, a digitization desk was organized, and participants were invited to share heritage photos from their family albums, which were digitized on the spot by a professional photographer.

The stories associated with the image(s) were collected and converted in appropriate metadata to accompany the digital objects.

The collected records were then aggregated by Photoconsortium and published in Europeana, the European digital library.

Conference programme

09.30 Registration

10.00 Welcome (prof. Alessandro Tosi, University of Pisa)

Citizen Heritage: a methodology for citizen participation and citizen science in cultural heritage research (prof. Fred Truyen, KU Leuven) – PDF

Participatory Knowledge Practices in Analog and Digitalized Image Archives (prof. Peter Fornaro, prof. Vera Chiquet, University of Basel) – PDF

Schools’ photographic heritage as a tool for education (Heleen Van den Haute, Heilig Hart Instituut; Ria Christens, CE Annuntiaten; prof. Marta Brunelli, University of Macerata) – PDF

Coffee break

Cataloguing large photo collections – is artificial intelligence unbiased? (Dr. Allison Kupietzky, The Israel Museum) – PDF

Enriching the View of Bruges, crowdsourcing project (Alexander Soetart, City of Brugge) – VIDEO

Panel Session: Leveraging photographic heritage to support community engagement and virtual reappropriation of heritage – chair: Antonella Fresa (Photoconsortium/WEAVE); panellists: David Iglésias Franch (CRDI Ajuntament de Girona/WEAVE); Fred Truyen (KU Leuven/WEAVE); John Balean (TopFoto/WEAVE) – PDF; Ismo Malinen (Museovirasto), Frank Golomb (United Archives), Frederik Temmermans (IMEC and Vrje Universiteit Brussels) – PDF.

12.30 Conclusions


14.00 Preview visit to the exhibition Golf is Art. Immagini e storie di sport curated by Museo della Grafica.

15.00 End of the event

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The role of photographic heritage in empowering communities' participation in cultural heritage

Organized by Photoconsortium in cooperation with the Museo della Grafica and University of Pisa and hosted at the Palazzo Lanfranchi, in the very city center on the banks of the river Arno, the event takes the form of a 1-day conference with leading speakers from the Citizen Heritage consortium partners and other experts in digital cultural heritage, in Social Sciences and Humanities research and in the use of participatory approaches in a cultural and/or educational context. The main outcome of the event was to offer insights about successful stories of citizen participation in Cultural Heritage Institutions and Higher Education Institutions. A panel discussion complemented the conference programme.

In addition to the conference, a citizen collection and digitization action was organized to digitize family album photos and offer them for publication in Europeana, the European digital library. Finally, a preview visit to the exhibition about golf in the Museo della Grafica happily concluded the day.

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Press Release (PDF, Italian Language)

Photos from the audience

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The Museo della Grafica was founded by the City of Pisa and the University of Pisa, with the desire to present the city with an original and highly suggestive structure that integrates the city’s Museum System. The Museo della Grafica is housed in the rooms of Palazzo Lanfranchi and it is one of the most important public collections of contemporary graphics, able to present scholars, students and enthusiasts with an excellent artistic panorama of the 19th and 20th centuries.The works of the permanent collection are periodically exhibited according to a principle of preservation. However, they can always be consulted by appointment.

The activity of the Museo della Grafica is characterised by a rich and varied calendar of temporary exhibitions, conferences and other events.


The long term collaboration of Photoconsortium with the Museo della Grafica has proven highly successful also in other events organized in the past with the aim to engage users with photographic cultural heritage, such as virtual and physical photographic exhibitions, interactive sessions and discussions, conferences and meetings.