self-assessment checklist

This tool was developed for institutions in the process of planning an activity with cultural heritage collections that includes citizen participation in the light of collecting feedback and inputs from local communities, seniors, students, amateurs. Through a set of focused questions and feedback, this tool helps understand whether the right approaches and methodologies for citizen science are being implemented, so to grant a high-quality, successful citizen participation event.

The tool also points to relevant materials, guidelines and methodologies about citizen participation and citizen science initiatives.

The self-assessment checklist is accompained by an operative booklet in support of organization and planning process.

The Self-assessment checklist is in the form of a questionnaire that will take approximately 10 minutes and it is divided into four parts. Each of them represents a stage in the preparation and implementation of the citizen science action:

• Part 1 | B​efore the Citizen Science Heritage action
• Part 2 | During the Citizen Science Heritage action
• Part 3 | After the Citizen Science Heritage action
• Part 4 | Evaluating the Impact of the Citizen Science Heritage Action

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