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CitizenHeritage supports Higher Education Institutions to experiment with, and assess participatory approaches and methodologies that include crowdsourcing and Citizen Science activities in Cultural Heritage research, practice and learning.
The scope is to enrich the curricula and experiences of university students in this domain, who will be the cultural heritage professionals of the future.

As part of the activities coordinated by partner Erasmus University Rotterdam, a series of six educational videos was produced by students on their experience of studying and managing crowd-based heritage projects.

The series is entitled Citizen Heritage 101.

Videos are an invaluable tool for communicating scientific findings to youth because they provide an engaging and accessible platform for capturing their attention and fostering a sense of curiosity. “Citizen Heritage 101” is a mini-series consisting of 6 episodes that uses videos to introduce and explore the intersection of citizen science and cultural heritage, with each episode serving a specific purpose.


Episode 1: Introduction to Citizen Heritage

In this first episode, “Introduction to Citizen Heritage”, we will dive deep into what the Citizen Heritage Project is all about. Discover how Citizen Heritage unites citizen science and cultural treasures, opening doors to a wider audience and fostering a vibrant sense of community.

Episode 2: Methodology for Systematic Literature Review

In this second episode, “Methodology for SLR”, we uncover the methodology behind creating a Systematic Literature Review (SLR). Discover how this rigorous and transparent approach allowed us to unearth hidden insights and gain a comprehensive understanding of our topic.

Episode 3: Studying benefits of Cultural Participation

In this third episode, join us while we unravel the intricate methodologies behind studying the advantages of cultural participation. Take a fascinating journey through diverse methodological approaches employed by researchers. From cultural economics to public health, uncover the fields shaping our understanding of cultural participation’s impact. As the exploration concludes, ponder the question: Can cultural participation truly change lives?

Episode 4: Defining Cultural Participation

In this fourth episode, join us as we venture into the captivating realm of Cultural Participation. What does it truly mean to engage in cultural activities?
Immerse yourself in the heart of cultural participation’s essence. Uncover how embracing cultural activities becomes an act of contributing to a shared heritage, adding your unique brushstroke to the collective narrative.

Episode 5: Benefits and impacts of Cultural Participation

In this fifth episode, we step into the realm of cultural participation and unveil the benefits that it brings to our lives.
Join us as we uncover the incredible findings of our systematic literature review. Discover the overarching positivity that cultural participation brings to various domains of life. Explore how active and passive forms of participation influence well-being and health. As you continue to learn, grow, and engage, remember that your participation contributes to a brighter, more connected world.

Episode 6: Citizen Heritage Workshops

In this sixth episode, “Citizen Heritage Workshops”, we discuss several workshops from the project, shedding light into one particular workshop: Flavors of the Globe – cooking workshop.
This workshop was a result of collaboration between Citizen Heritage and the Erasmus Food Lab. Watch as Citizen Heritage and Pinar Coskun (founder of EFL) guide participants in crafting 4 captivating bio-vegan dishes. Dive into the concept of food identity and its intricate connection to culture.