Multiplier Events

CitizenHeritage will organize 4 multiplier events, to disseminate the project’s methodology, achievements and best practice, for further replication and take up by other institutions both in the education and cultural heritage sectors. Due to the evolution of the covid-19 crisis, some of the events may be in virtual form.

More details about each event coming soon.

Conference and collection and digitization day

img. courtesy Promoter Digital Gallery

Pisa, 28 June 2022

The role of photographic heritage in empowering communities participation in cultural heritage

Organized by Photoconsortium in cooperation with the Museo della Grafica and University of Pisa and hosted at the Palazzo Lanfranchi, in the very city center on the banks of the river Arno, the event takes the form of a 1-day conference with leading speakers from the Citizen Heritage consortium partners and other experts in digital cultural heritage, in Social Sciences and Humanities research and in the use of participatory approaches in a cultural and/or educational context. The main aim of the event was to offer insights about successful stories of citizen participation in Cultural Heritage Institutions and Higher Education Institutions.

In addition to the conference programme, a digitization and collection desk was organized, inviting participants to share heritage photos from their family albums, which were digitized on the spot by a professional photographer. The stories associated with the image(s) were also collected and converted in appropriate metadata to accompany the digital objects. The collected records will be aggregated by Photoconsortium and offered to Europeana for publication.

Download the Invitation (PDF)

Press Release (PDF, Italian Language)


Rotterdam, March 2023

Hosted by the Erasmus University, this  multiplier event will present preliminary results from the sustaianbility analysis of the project, to gain feedback from participants and to transfer best practice among students, CHIs,
colleagues, and the general audience. The event will involve selected presentations from academic colleagues as well as presentations by partners to share their (preliminary) outputs with the audience. The core discussion will revolve around criteria for measuring social and economic sustainability as an effect of citizen enhanced open science heritage projects.
The event will include a co-creation session where participants contribute to a digital Common Heritage Environment, and where Creative industries will be the topic of the co-creation session, including fashion and music.
The multiplier event will be the culmination of experience gathered from smaller student organised co-creation events each previous academic year as part of the ‘Museums in Context’, ‘Fashion and Sustainability’ and ‘Cultural Entrepreneurship’ MA courses at the Erasmus University.


Leuven, May 2023

New approaches to Citizen Science for Cultural Heritage Institutions

In this multiplier event, recommendations and results from the project will be presented in an interactive one day seminar at the premises of KU Leuven, under the title “New Approaches to Citizen Science for CHI’s”. We will present the outputs of the different actions, with a particular focus on replicability and uptake by CHIs in the Flanders region. The event will include breakout sessions targeting specific groups.
We will also handout easy-to-use guidelines and how-to’s to the participants for further dissemination. The seminar will be co-organized with Photoconsortium, and with students from the KU Leuven MA in Cultural Studies in the context of their training for the course “Cultural Policy”.


Athens, May 2023

Digital technologies at the service of Citizen Science

An one-day capacity building and knowledge spreading workshop will be organised in Athens. The event will include: (i) a presentations session by experts (from the CH, technical and educational domain) dedicated to spreading awareness about the achievements of the project, with an emphasis on the use of ICT tools, such as the CrowdHeritage platform, in the fields of Cultural Heritage and education; (ii) a hands-on session where attendees will be trained about how to use such a tool and will be invited to participate in a crowd citizen
challenge; and (iii) a roundtable open discussion, where attendees will be encouraged to contribute with their own thoughts and discuss with experts.