Multiplier event: Rotterdam, 24 March 2023

Erasmus of Rotterdam, Public Domain, KU Leuven via Europeana. Inscriptions and textual elements: Erasmus Rotterdamus, Ant. van Dyck fecit aqua forti.

23 March: Workshop sessions

In addition to the conference programme, a series of students workshops is organized as a pre-event:

10.00-12.30 Theatre workshop with Marianna Lőrincz Improvisational theatre: to learn innovation skills useful for future entrepreneurs

10.00-12.30 Oral history with Trilce Navarrete Storytelling: to learn about your cultural identity and how this can give you strength in positioning your product or service in the market.

10.00-15.00 Coding workshop with Werner de Valk and Niels Janssen Creative coding: to learn how machines work and how to creatively tell them what to do

Conference programme

Hybrid event in Rotterdam (Erasmus University, Theil C1-1) and online

09.00-10.00 Registration and coffee

10.00-10.10 Welcome (prof. Trilce Navarrete, Erasmus University)

10.10-10.30 Citizen Heritage: a methodology for citizen participation and citizen science in cultural heritage research (prof. Fred Truyen, KU Leuven)

10.30-10.40 Citizen Enhanced Open Science, a definition (Katerina Zourou, Web2Learn) – PDF

10.40-10.50 Development of participatory approaches (Francesca Manfredini, European Fashion Heritage Association) – PDF

10.50-11.00 Employing Crowdsourcing in Higher Computer Science Education: a Case Study (Dr. Eirini Kaldeli, National Technical University of Athens)

11.00-11.20 Participatory practices in cultural heritage (Dr. Valeria Morea, Erasmus University) – PDF

11.20-11.30 Improvisational theatre innovation skills (Marianna Lorincz, Erasmus University)

11.30-11.40 Engagement through digitisation projects (Dr. Antonella Fresa, Photoconsortium) – PDF

11.40-11.50 Building a common cultural knowledge base (Werner de Valk and Niels Janssen, Creative Coding Utrecht)

11.50-12.30 Conclusions and discussion, moderated by Trilce Navarrete

After the conference, a Transnational Project Meeting for the Citizen Heritage partners only will follow.

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